Stellar Wanderer

Since over 18 000 applicants applied to NASA’s recent call for potential astronauts, chances are it may be quicker for you to have an opportunity to explore space through playing Stellar Wanderer.



Stellar Wanderer is an open world with over 10 hours of game-play to complete the story-line. You can choose what role you wish to fulfill in the universe – a fighter, trader, engineer etc.



You can have one or more ships, all highly customizable.  Explore, mine for resources and go on secret side missions.



Stellar Wander has exceptional graphics allowing for a highly immersive experience. It’s about $10 on the app store. Let me know if you have it and what you think of the game?

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One thought on “Stellar Wanderer

  1. I think the best way humanity can explore the stars is by combining virtual reality with drone piloting and 3d printing. Essentially we would create self replicating drone bases which would be piloted by ground terminals in a person’s domicile. As humanity expands drones forward into the solar system we would see everything through our drones eyes in a virtual reality experience.

    I feel we do not need to send men to mars until we can bring an earthlike atmosphere with us to include gravity.

    Game looks interesting BTW. I just wanted to say my thoughts on what I can see for mankind. I might just blog this idea up. 🙂

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