There’s Little Faith in Humanity

So last week a hashtag was trending on Twitter: #GreetTheAliensIn5Words

Since we love all things sci-fi (aliens ❤ ), we decided to observe common themes among responses. You probably won’t be surprised, many Tweets painted Earth and humanity in a very negative light:

Reflecting on Failure of Humanity

Reflecting on Failure of Humanity


























I understand that we’re not perfect, and we’ve probably failed more at most things than succeeded, but does this disappointment of humanity go deeper, or are these Tweets just spur of the moment jests? I think we need a clinical psychologist to get involved in this conversation, don’t be shy to jump in and add your thoughts… Also people felt that running away from Earth was necessary to find something/somewhere better:

Running Away to a Hopeful Better Place

Running Away to a Hopeful Better Place





















If we are collectively aware of humanity’s shortfalls, then why aren’t we discussing solutions, rather than just sharing our miseries? Is it because we feel that positive change is beyond our individual powers? Have we really reached a stage of hopelessness in our Earth’s history? Here are two Tweets which I thought where more optimistic/ legit that I could get behind:

Tweets That Made the Most Sense

Tweets That Made the Most Sense

How would you greet the aliens, and what is your take on the underlying emotions present in the majority of the responses, are you concerned or complacent when it comes to having faith in humanity?

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11 thoughts on “There’s Little Faith in Humanity

  1. I would grab a shovel, dig a hole, and pretend to be a carrot. This might confuse them, at which time I would spring up from the bosom of Mother Earth and leap upon their leader as a jumping spider acquiesces her prey.

    All before treating them to some homemade pumpkin pie, drenched in the most orgasm-inducing whipped cream topping.

    Food. I would take them on a pallatable tour to paradise and back.

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  2. I’d say that some thread of cynicism has always run through humanity. If the people were asked to compose poems to greet foreign visitors in olden times, they would probably have similar things to say.

    Bad things tend to stick in memory a lot stronger than good things (unless the good things are amazing), so that’s probably it.

    Plus, let’s be honest, if anyone asks people to use a Twitter hashtag to propagate a message, it will bring out the loudest people. That doesn’t mean they’re the most representative of humanity. It just means they’re the one most likely to toss out their views in a public forum.

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  3. So hard to not be disparaging about our human plight. When people put their minds together toward a common goal, we’re an incredible species and capable of great things.

    But I think the problem is that we get so caught up in what separates us that we regularly fail to reach that common ground. Neighbors dispute neighbors, cities rival other cities, states combat other states, political parties divide rather than bring together, nations would rather go to war than work together. Neil deGrasse Tyson put it poignantly when he said, “Had to wait in line to renew a Passport allowing me to visit members of my own species across artificially conceived borders.”

    With all the issues facing us (climate change, water shortages, pollution, superbugs, poverty, et al), people argue about oil, banking, trade, border disputes, and religion.

    I’ll step down from my soapbox now. So in 5 words, what would I say to aliens? “Welcome. We really need help.”

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  4. I agree with Mike M. I’m a naturally optimistic person, so I’d like it if we could meet aliens in peace and I don’t think it’s silly to hope they’d be nice too.
    I wish I had more than five words. Perhaps: “Welcome, peace! Let’s work together?”

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