Follow My Body Transformation on Instagram

I was really ill for the majority of 2015; at one point I was totally bed-ridden and hospitalized with a deadly infectious disease (which I will dedicate a blog post to at a later time).

Arm Day

Basically I’ve been doing gym again for almost 2 months now. I’m fighting to reclaim my body now that I am cured of the disease. I am posting progressive pictures of my body’s transformation on Instagram (along with my art/ fandom stuff).

Ab Day

So if you’d like to follow me on my journey of getting my body back, you can get me on Instagram @drslater06 or:

Pull Ups

Pull Ups

Let me know if you are also fighting an illness/accident so I can help you create awareness around it and garner community support. Fighting these battles could inspire others who are having similar struggles to overcome their affliction.

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20 thoughts on “Follow My Body Transformation on Instagram

  1. Well let me play devils advocate here, nice bra pic 🙂 You look great! As far as health, I can sympathize with medical frustration. Ive been going through it since feb of 2015 and still can not go back to work. So this is inspiring!

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  2. Had no idea you were ill… it did feel like you were less present, but I know some bloggers go in waves and since you didn’t completely disappear, I didn’t think anything of it. Good to hear you are getting better now though. Maybe 5 years ago, I got into something… not sure what… had an all over rash and fungal infection… really nasty, and was bad for several weeks, the worst was a week where I literally ate nothing and the last 3 days of that I didn’t even get out of bed to drink water. I was living alone, so it was easy to fall into a pretty bad state before a doctor visit finally got me onto some good medication that helped clear things up. Nothing like your whole year, but I can at least identify with a short term of really being in a bad way.

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