Do you ever find yourself saying, ‘I wish I could save the world?’ And suddenly you feel so small, because you feel that you don’t have the resources to accomplish such a feat… As humans I think we are all compelled to feel that we have a higher purpose, or that somehow we should be making a difference in the world. Everyday I tell myself to be the best version of me, to execute higher morals and virtues in the hope of brightening someone’s day.










Small acts of kindness (like complementing a stranger) are amazing, but perhaps we could be engaging in something more positively impactful? I connected with Jason Grad on Twitter, and he has built an app that truly allows individuals to reach their ‘hero’ potential. The app is called Bstow.

Donate that spare change with Bstow!

Donate that spare change with Bstow!

Bstow automatically rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar, collects the spare change from that purchase, and sends it to a charity of your choice as a micro-donation. From the comfort of your phone, you will be able to change lives, contribute to communities and get behind causes you believe in – anywhere in the world!

Spare change from a night out with your mates? Donate it with Bstow!

Spare change from a night out with your mates? Donate it with Bstow!

Prior to the introduction of Bstow, I have donated money to the World Wildlife Fund (save the polar bears!!!), and to a non-profit planting trees in South American rain forests. Bstow will allow me to support the causes and charities I believe in, with greater frequency and convenience.  I don’t enjoy having lots of spare change weighing my wallet down anyhow – it’s just a nuisance in my life. However, my nuisance can become someone else’s treasure (i’m not using that spare change anyhow; it’s just collecting in my car – might as well put it to a good cause). Collectively, the spare change that the users of Bstow donate can have far-reaching positive outcomes globally. For more information on the app, you can visit BstowTell us which charity or causes you are keen to support?

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