Those Feelings

I cannot remember much of much

For nothing has had the worth of such

To be remembered.


It’s only my mind whose fleetful thinking

That will keep my heart from deeper sinking

But a moment is a moment that will pass.


Dreams follow dreams after each has fled

And after each chase my sorrow is shed

But I cannot hide in those worlds.


Not in the Snowglobe of activity

But outside I dwell; observing with liberty

The buzz and chaos of the world.


Alone, just let me be

Without any noise or company

Loving the melodies of silence.


Imaginary, hope of mine

Cannot dispel my fear of time

Nor failure, nor the disappointed reflections of thine eye.


Oh time machine of day to day

It is you who has brought me to future dismay!

Is life a gift or burden…?


It is the human touch of tarnish-potion

That has left me bleak without emotion:

Human morals are yet to evolve.


I’m consoled only by nature’s gentle touch

For I have never experienced anything as radiant as such

As by being kissed by the beauty of a sunset.

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