Concerned About the Global Economy?

Seriously, is the tech bubble about to burst? A few people are predicting it will (some of the same people who predicted the 2008 housing bubble bursting – which led us into global recession).



Like every day I’m seeing thousands of start-ups getting millions of dollars in funding. Is this based on the projected valuation of these start-ups? Because I’ve read a few articles where some of these start-ups have been operational for years and they’re nowhere near yielding the seed investments of the early stages and ongoing investments.

If you want to know more about debt and wealth pretenses happening all around you, go ahead and read this article: Behind the Scenes at Banks.

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One thought on “Concerned About the Global Economy?

  1. The link is a very good read, something I learnt from a very young age. I was always taught if you want something enough you can save for it! MORE people need to follow that advice!

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