Merchandise Monday #47

Happy Monday everyone! There is nothing greater than warming your Monday blues up with a basket of cute and cuddly Ewoks:

Ewok Basket

Ewok Basket

They are of course one of the most loved species in the Star Wars universe. I got this limited edition Ewok celebration basket from the Disney store. There are six Ewoks in total (Wicket, Chief Chirpa, Teebo, Logray, Romba and Princess Kneesaa):

Ewok Celebration Basket

Ewok Celebration Basket

My mom keeps talking to them when she comes in and out of my room; saying things like, “come Wombles, you must pay rent Wombles, you can’t live here for free…” So I was like, ‘WTF is a Womble?’ I looked these things up, and I was pretty insulted – I’m sure the Ewoks would tear these Womble things to shreds:











Who do you prefer, Ewoks or Wombles?

Logray and Wicket

Logray and Wicket

Oh, and I’m also petitioning to have the banishment of Logray overturned.


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