Controller Plus

Can you think of anything better than simply playing your favorite video games whenever and with whoever you want? How about customizing your hardware with a unique paint job…

Customized Gaming Controllers

Customized Gaming Controllers

Nothing screams fanboy louder than when you have your fandom’s coat of arms stenciled onto your controller.

Fandom Logo Controllers

Fandom Logo Controllers

Are you expecting other gamers to take you seriously during that multiplayer stand-off? How about having your gamer name marking your hardware territory.

Gamer Name Controller

Gamer Name Controller










At Controller Plus you are able to customize the paint work and graphic designs that appear on your Xbox or PlayStation controllers. Some of my personal favorites are the space/ nebula customizations:

Space Theme Controller

Space Theme Controller

Do you think it’s time to revamp or upgrade your controller? Add some spice to it by visiting PlusControllers! Which design are you keen to invest in?

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