Merchandise Monday #45

Happy Monday! Wooo! So, since there’s still a lot of hype around Star Wars with the Force Awakens being released, I thought I’d share some more old school action figures (still in the boxes):

Ben Kenobi Action Figure

Ben Kenobi Action Figure

Old Ben Kenobi is a 1995 release.

Emperor Palpatine Action Figure

Emperor Palpatine Action Figure

Emperor Palpatine is a 1996 release.

Back of Kenobi and Palpatine Boxes

Back of Kenobi and Palpatine Boxes

I wish I had collected all the figures and vehicles in these sets, they look really awesome, and of course you don’t beat old style and quality, but I was only 4 or 5 years old back then, so my collection habits were heavily reliant on mom and dad.

Did everyone enjoy The Force Awakens? I thought it was ok, but I wasn’t totally satisfied.

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13 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #45

  1. I had both of these, out of package but in really good condition but sold them recently at an event because I’m just not that much into Star Wars merchandise wise anymore. Loved collecting them though in the late 90’s, had soooo many of these.

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  2. Don’t laugh but I have a 1999 unopened Jar Jar action figure box.

    And I’m showing my age with this, I’ve got an original (as in, original original) Kenner C-3PO carrying case stuffed with all my Star Wars action figures from ’77 through ’83.


  3. Kenner kicked all kinds of ass in the 90s. They had Star Wars, Aliens, Jurassic Park, Batman…and everything shot missiles! If it didn’t shoot missiles, it launched a grappling hook or a net, except for figures like Palpatine. Mine’s loose with some other figures in storage somewhere. Don’t know if I still have the WALKING STICK though.

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  4. The only Star Wars toys or collectables I had when I was little was either played with until destroyed or lost. I had no sense to actually preserve them when I was a kid 😦 as for the new movie I thought it was ok. Kylo Ren was ridiculous with his tantrums and I wish he never took off his mask. However, the movie was pretty awesome though I have to agree with you I too was not totally satisfied.

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