Tribal Wars 2

I have finally gotten around to playing Tribal Wars 2 for the first time! I’ve mostly been playing off the app on my phone, but the graphics are way better and more detailed than the first Tribal Wars.

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

There are some cool new evolutions to the game. I see there is no longer a stable. You recruit all your basic military units from the barracks (levelling up the barracks unlocks respective units). I’m pushing to level it up to the point where I can access light cavalry.

My Village - Mars

My Village – Mars

Also, now you can build a second village without having noblemen. You have to complete 50 time-based tasks before your second village is established. This is still great though, as you can split offensive and defensive armies from nearly the same time.

Village on the Map

Village on the Map

The Paladin also finds new weapons far quicker than the original Tribal Wars. I found 2 new weapons in one day! On the original version it would take me about a month to find 1 weapon (depending on units I killed).

My Profile

My Profile

Is anyone else playing Tribal Wars 2? Let me know what you think, or if you’re keen for me to join your tribe just shout 😎

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