Man Must Leave the Moon – Poem

I have never ever shared my poetry with anyone (unless the poem was written for the person who read it). Humanity versus nature is a very strong theme in most of my writing; and to get to the point – i usually end up bashing humanity (I apologize in advance if I offend anyone). For the rest of this week I’m going to share some strong feelings about the above-mentioned theme, starting with this poem i wrote in 2012:

Galathilion - The Tree of the Moon

Galathilion – The Tree of the Moon

Man Must Leave the Moon:

Beyond all Stars, beyond deep space

there is dark matter in a stranger place –

and it’s far beyond our reach.


I lie awake at night and know

of these places far from here,

but nearer my imagination;

they are places I hold dear.


Who lives out there?

And looks on me; from cloud and star above?

Who will come to earth and save us;

from the absence of morals and love?


I cannot live; I cannot dream;

not knowing all there is.

For satisfaction evades a man who has not all his answers…


What’s in our past so dark and deep?

In the cinders of Alexandria that we did not keep

…There’s forgotten knowledge we will never breach;

It’s beyond our thoughts; beyond our reach.


I lie awake at night and think

of all these sorts of things;

and I’m enchanted even more

by the wonder that each brings.


I lie awake at night and know

the future of our earth.

Resource-less, many wars from now –

Do not hold hope for mirth.


Why must man have everything?

It is a sick corrosive greed:

The more I want – the more I need!

Please; man must leave the moon…


Not even the wise deliberating tides of the aging seas

will answer to my cries and pleas.


It is because our eyes on earthly things do dwell,

but from what height did the Fallen Angel fall when it fell?


What of this and what of that;

there is too much to ask…

But I know of some whose knowledge bank

is not challenged by this task.


There are some whose council I do beseech;

dwelling in a higher place,

above our thoughts,

beyond our reach.


But these answers have forsaken man;

for now and all eternity,

perhapsfor reasons beyond our thought;

for the greater good of humanity.


For man would worsen the world as such;

if he knew much more than his minor ‘much’.

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8 thoughts on “Man Must Leave the Moon – Poem

  1. You sound like me… I once had a similar thing… had written various poems but only ever shown to to the people who inspired me to write them. That’s still mostly true today, in large part because I kind of stopped writing poems a long time ago… well, outside of parodies… and the parodies I share with people because they are kind of written for everyone anyway!

    The world, particularly the people in the world, can be frustrating at times… that’s the general sense I get from this one. It’s not wrong. Too many have skewed views of what is important, and it not only wrecks them, but it makes it harder for those rare few who have their priorities straight to get anything done!

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    • Too true, we’ve got to be strong and fight it… The sci-fi novel im writing now is an allegory, and the ‘bad guys’ have this hidden influence over everyone, with or without them knowing it. This bad influence is called the Vaux – we must fight the Vaux.

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  2. […] We cannot hope to achieve positive progression as a species if we keep ignoring these basics (which, if employed correctly, should allow us to evolve into the superior beings that we’re capable of becoming). Sure, you probably argue that we already are superior beings, because we are smarter than all other species on the planet. Don’t forget, humans are also smarter at being evil. […]


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