Merchandise Monday #41

It’s survival of the fittest out there – especially on a Monday (Monday is a Predatory day set to kill us), when the slightest salvation seems to be days away. Never fear; Dutch is here:

Arnold as Dutch

Arnold as Dutch

















I wish Arnie would return for a future Predator sequel. They could assign him to a new team (obviously) – who find themselves in danger –  and call on him as he is the only person to have experienced and lived through a Predator  encounter (prior to other sequels):

Back of Box

Back of Box

















Or, maybe all the survivors of Predator attacks up until this point can be teamed together for the final face-off, this will be the real Hunger Games:

Dutch close up

Dutch close up

















Although Arnold did a good job of saving himself in Predator; he wasn’t as successful in saving his team-mates. Would you trust Arnie/Dutch to keep you alive during a Predator attack? I guess I trust him more than I trust myself…

✘ Hack It! ✘


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