Mad Max Cars

The vehicles used in Mad Max have some unique artistic flair, but they weren’t designed this way for show. Of course the designs of these cars have the output of some sinister functional purposes:


Nux's Chevy Coupe

Nux’s Chevy Coupe


Max's Interceptor

Max’s Interceptor


The Doof Wagon

The Doof Wagon


Rock Riders Motorcycle

Rock Riders Motorcycle


Furiosa's War Rig

Furiosa’s War Rig





Big Foot

Big Foot


The Buzzard Excavator

The Buzzard Excavator

Which is your favorite Mad Max car? Would decking out a vehicle be on your priority list at all in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world?

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12 thoughts on “Mad Max Cars

  1. A very cool movie with great cinematography and hardware. I particularly liked the attention to detail in the vehicles and the fact that the were not CG, at least not based on the credits for the construction crews 😉

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    • I never think remakes are good, because the originality of the concept has been lost – the only improvement with remakes can be the special effects, because i guess they didn’t have fancy tech back in the day, but i always prefer originals. And you?


  2. Can’t get enough of watching the vehicles. I also love the fact that various cars are made of stacking cars on top of each other. Also love the tank car and of course the truck with the drummers and guitar player.

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