Pluto Flyby

In anticipation of the Pluto Flyby by the New Horizon’s spacecraft on July 14; NASA is encouraging people to take and upload selfies with the hashtag #PlutoTime :

Pluto Sunlight

Pluto Sunlight

Pluto is 30 times further away from the Sun than Earth; so you can calculate how bright a day on Pluto is, based on your noon-time with NASA’s new app. Calculate your Pluto time here!

The Sun only rises every 6 days on Pluto; and it’s light is 1000 times fainter compared to it’s brightness as seen by Earth. I guess there wont be a market for sunglasses there…

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2 thoughts on “Pluto Flyby

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing more about this event, and its significance. Space is super amazing to me, and I wish there were more media options available for participating in observation (like a 24 hour YouTube Moon channel)… That would be awesome.

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