War Dragons

Are you missing out on your medieval fantasy mix? You need War Dragons…

War Dragons

War Dragons

War Dragons is a newly released game app with exceptional graphics. It’s a tower defense game on another level.

Dragon En Route

Dragon En Route

Besides building up your towers; you get to choose from over a hundred dragons with different abilities to attack other players’ towers:

Build Towers

Build Towers

What is your favorite type of dragon? I’m going with venomous ice dragons 😎

Team Attacks

Team Attacks

Download War Dragons and start destroying towers!

✘ Hack It! ✘


2 thoughts on “War Dragons

  1. That looks fun, will give it a try. If you’re into a good sci-fi browser game and haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend Faster Than Light, it’s one of my favorites and I still play it about 3 times a week. Also as you know I’ve got my sci-fi short story blog, the next three weeks I’m doing prologue stories leading up to a longer multi-part adventure called Blood Rebellious. If you’re interested. http://www.bit.ly/tadsff

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