What RPG Character Are You?

I’ve been exposed as a Rogue (Thief variant). Don’t be afraid; you may not be any better than me (without knowing it):



Take this quiz to find out what role you would fulfill in a real-world RPG. I’m pretty satisfied with my result; i guess i can be pretty sneaky. Share your results in the comments; i need to know who to team-up with during an apocalypse…

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16 thoughts on “What RPG Character Are You?

  1. Fighter/Podiatrist!? What the hell! Just kidding I got ranger. Which is what I usually play as so that’s interesting. But I would make a totally awesome dual class fighter/podiatrist if I wanted.

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  2. hello doctor slater its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm rogue wun of the main karakters in dadas last buk was a rogue!!! altho i do not think he lukd like that!!! i tried to tayk the test but had to stop at “wot is yore plan in battel” on akkownt of they did not hav an opshun for run away!!! ok bye

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