Merchandise Monday #37

A science fiction Monday is the best start to the week! Check out this book covering all the storyboards from the original Star Wars trilogy:

Star Wars Storyboards

Star Wars Storyboards

















It’s a pretty pricey book, but well worth it as far as im concerned. It covers all the scenes; and it is the original never seen before artwork from the first 3 films of the saga:

Back of Book

Back of Book

















Here is the Cloud City entrance scene in the book:

Cloud City Scene

Cloud City Scene

















What scene from the original trilogy would you like to see in the original storyboard layout? Those Hoth and Endor fights are pretty epic doodles 😎

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5 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #37

  1. I don’t know about any particular scene… but I like the idea of books like this. I wish I could afford something like this in my budget, but I can put it in the “want one day” pile at least!

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  2. We have the Special Young Readers Edition of The Empire Strikes Back. Other half wants to sell it, but I think I may persuade him to keep it, at least until I’ve read it!

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