Pokemon Legends

I just signed up for Pokemon Legends; an online MMO RPG where you can battle, catch and train over 500 Pokemon! You can choose a starter Pokemon from any of the regions under the water/fire/grass type as per normal. Obviously i went for the fire:

My Starter Pokemon - Charmander

My Starter Pokemon – Charmander

I ended up battling and catching 3 Pokemon so far, (Sentret, Caterpie and Starly). Not the greatest line-up for success, but its a start. I have also run out of Poke-balls and im not sure where i can acquire more of them?? I do have money (3010 Pokemon currency) which i intend on spending on new attacks for Charmander:

Sentret Catch

Sentret Catch










Is anyone else registered on Pokemon Legends? I’ll trade you my Caterpie for anything?

Caterpie Catch

Caterpie Catch

Sign up to Pokemon Legends!

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8 thoughts on “Pokemon Legends

      • Oh fantastic, congrats! I never knew you were a student 🙂 please check out my site vii2ce.com

        We are trying to help fund students tuition/loans.

        I think it would be easiest for me to go to Australia as my moms entire family is there. Any other places you can recommend?

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      • Sweet! I’ll look into it.
        As far as recommending a place outside of the US, I’m not an expert, but with your knowledge and skill set, you’d fit right in with the geek scene here in Orlando. I say stick with what you know and Australia seems like a convenient choice if you have family already there 😉

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  1. I played it for a couple days. Its pretty fun. I caught tons of pokemon already. Its really easy, you just have to use you Pokemon knowledge. Like which types to fight against which. Ill probably pick it up again when I have time.

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