New ‘n Tasty!

Has anyone bought the revamped Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty since it was released last year? It’s only $20.00 on Steam; and well worth it!

Wanted: New 'n Tasty

Wanted: New ‘n Tasty

A lot has changed graphically. The 3D crispness of New ‘n Tasty gives this classic 90’s game a greater bout of timelessness. This is a screen grab of me playing the old version/Oddysee:

Old Version

Old Version

Not as sharp as the revamp obviously. The spirit birds used for mind control are also more detailed:

Mind Control

Mind Control

In the old version; when Abe saved employees, the bird portal would just be two incandescent dots connected with a line. Now the birds transcend into making a proper portal with a 3D gateway:

Portal to Freedom

Portal to Freedom

What other crisp changes are you appreciating about New ‘n Tasty?

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