Lego Candy Blocks

I came across some colourful Lego candy blocks at a sweet shop the other day!

Lego Candy Blocks

Lego Candy Blocks

















No; i never bought them, because there were only like 3 packets left. What would i build with just 3 packets? A Little Pig brick house maybe…

Lego Candy

Lego Candy










It would also be cool if they included some characters in the mix too. However; the most important concern here is:


✘ Hack It! ✘


8 thoughts on “Lego Candy Blocks

  1. These seem familiar, and yet I’m sure I’ve never eaten them. If they do taste like Smarties I would like them… and you can eat what you build!

    I’ve taken to drawing some LEGOs lately and making illustrations using those. Funny thing is it probably is taking longer to do that than it would to build things with actual LEGOs!

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