Fan Art Friday #24

Welcome to the Jungle! Probably not the jungle you want to get lost in when there are a bunch of predators hunting you down:

Predators - Welcome to the Jungle

Predators – Welcome to the Jungle

I started this drawing out with normal pen, and then went darker with fine liners. I decided to not stay with my traditional black and white. Hope you like the pop of colour:

Fine Liners

Fine Liners

I was trying to achieve a landscape effect of Monet meets graphic novel in a very minimalist way:

Predator Kill

Predator Kill

I used chalk pastels to shade the rest of the landscape:

Chalk Pastels

Chalk Pastels

It was a bit of a messy project, but i had a lot of fun working outside of my normal ‘tight’ style and medium:



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5 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday #24

  1. I like it! The drawing is good on its own… but the pastels sell it. I’ve liked working with colored pencils for a similar reason. One day I might try pastels. The subdued colors are something I’m kind of into at the moment when I draw things by hand rather than on the computer.

    Also… for silliness sake… contrary to what you might have heard, a “predator” is not the person who dates someone before you date them… although, they might share some similar characteristics! 😉

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