Fan Art Friday #23

Star Wars fan art this Friday! My Nerd Knights… My brother and i have been talking for some time now about disappearing into a quieter world:



Joining up with some monks in Tibet and drinking some green tea in the mountains. Starting up an ice-cream shack on a remote beach in Hawaii. Or building a small eco-friendly cabin in the woods of Fussen. We need to escape from the rush-through of what life currently is:

Yoda with R2D2

Yoda with R2D2

This all ink drawing is a retreat to Dagobah; where we meet up with Yoda and R2-D2 for some chill time! Where would you disappear to for relaxation; if you could go anywhere real or fantasy? I’d say Rivendell would be a great escape too 😎

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4 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday #23

  1. There’s a Copacabana parody song just begging to be written…

    At Dagoba, Dagoba Planet…
    The swamp, that’s where Skywalker landed.
    At Dagoba, Dagoba Planet…
    Training and action as Yoda commanded,
    At Dagoba, Luke’s a Jedi.

    Followed by more silly lyrics 🙂

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