Music Mania

Nerd or non-nerd; we know you love music (of some kind/genre). Here are a few music hacks to help you in your search for new and wonderful tunes:


This source lets you find new music based on similar interests or your current mood! Interesting stuff; considering music has the power to influence emotions:




Tabletop Audio:

This source of music is probably more for the nerd-geek hybrids of our world. This site is for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the audio-space of one environment, while physically inhabiting another. Here are just some of their sound categories on offer:

Tabletop Audio

Tabletop Audio

Who Jam:

Ok; so you don’t feel like listening to music but rather creating it… However, your friends never progressed to learning any real instruments after Guitar Hero so now you’re stuck as a one man band with no human talent to chime with in your proximity. Collaborate with anyone in the world over at Who Jam:

Who Jam

Who Jam














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