Dragon Ball XenoVerse

My friends over at FanBot specialise in all things fantasy. They are a fountain of knowledge and a trusted peer opinion when it comes to any fandom news falling into this genre:



FanBot recently posted a review about the latest Dragon Ball XenoVerse video game. As Nerd Knights we all tend to have strong opinions about our fandoms. Check out their article above. I personally have not played the game, but i am a huge fan of the Dragon Ball franchise. Our love for manga runs deep; and Goku is a childhood hero:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Xenoverse















FanBot and the Nerd Nebula would love to hear from you fellow Nerd Knights about this latest game release. What is your opinion about the game; and if you haven’t yet played it do you plan on buying it? Why and why not?



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4 thoughts on “Dragon Ball XenoVerse

  1. I bought this game when it first came out and I must say it is very good. The story is different, but that what makes this game stand out. The character creator is very in depth, the game is more of an MMO than just a fighting game. The fighting system is kind of like Battle of Z or the Tenkaichi series. The amount of unlockable clothes, attacks, accessories, and characters make the game time ridiculous. The only downsides in the game are the hub world you have to explore and the always on function.

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