Easter Cosplay

So my handsome friend and fellow Nerd Knight (Justin Jadoo) had an eventful Easter weekend; getting all fandom mad with his cosplay mates:

Justin Jadoo as Thor

Justin Jadoo as Thor

Look at that Thor armor! And man can Justin work that hammer! On a side note; i love those high-up leather boots (Jack Dawson):

Hammer Time

Hammer Time
























Super heroes also need some time off; for socializing and pretending to be human:

The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones

Who knew that Thor was friends with Neo and Batman! Now that’s a circle we have to start networking in. Wait; is that a Jedi?

Nerd Knights

Nerd Knights

So my friend Justin Thor Jadoo is not just a pretty face. A well-mannered and well educated young man with some inspiring visions toward all avenues of life. Follow him @justinjadoo and expand your fandom Nerd Knight circle!

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3 thoughts on “Easter Cosplay

  1. When I was about 6, I kept asking my mother to make me a Spider-Man costume. I think I imagined somehow I would be able to be Spider-Man if I just had the costume… Oh for the more innocent times!

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