Merchandise Monday #32

Hope you all had some great Easter fun! Here is our Imperial Stormtrooper action figure:



























Again; this is a Disney release; and top quality too! He speaks 15 different phrases:

Back of Box

Back of Box

























He’s not small either. We always love king-size here at the Nerd Nebula. He’s about 30cm tall:

Close Up

Close Up

I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I want a life size Ewok plush (please Disney).

✘ Hack It! ✘


6 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #32

  1. I’ve got an Aragorn figure as well as Kevin (Elijah Wood’s character) from Sin City still in their boxes. Do you think I should hold on to those in the hopes that they might increase in value?

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  2. As a kid I had a talking GI Joe doll… back when boys toys were still called dolls (’cause that’s what they are… action figure, meh!) and they were like 12″ tall!

    Only thing… it mostly said “I’ve got a tough assignment for you” even though it supposedly said a bunch of things.

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