Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

Guys; stop what you’re doing… You have to see this if you haven’t already:

Neo Entering Lobby

Neo Entering Lobby

Snooperking took 160 hours to re-create a stop-motion video of the lobby shootout scene in The Matrix:



Yes; its all done in Lego…

Trinity Kicking Ass

Trinity Kicking Ass

I know Trinity looks way hotter in real life, but just focus on the craftsmanship of this awesome project ok 🙂

Neo Takes No Prisoners

Neo Takes No Prisoners

Watch the video here: Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

Were you happy with the Lego ending?

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One thought on “Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

  1. Lego ANYTHING is pretty cool. I grew up on them before they had fancy ones too… My routine as a kid was to use about half of my pieces to build a house… and the other half to build a hammer. You can guess what happened next! 🙂

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