Fandom Merchandise Craving

Do you ever just crave some fandom merchandise? Me too 😎 Here’s some fandom merch that i’ve been itching to get:

Nike Mag:

This is the Back to the Future Marty McFly sneaker. It’s really expensive (over $300) so i’m not able to get it at this point, but it really is beautiful:

Nike Mag

Nike Mag

Nintendo Cap:

You know i love my caps! This one is so cool (design and colour) but it’s currently sold out 😦

Nintendo NES Controller Cap

Nintendo NES Controller Cap










Pokemon Hoodie:

A designer was selling this hoodie on teespring, but it did not meet the milestone sales to qualify it for production; so i cant get it 😦

Pokemon Hoodie

Pokemon Hoodie















What merchandise have you been craving that you are unable to get a hold of?

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6 thoughts on “Fandom Merchandise Craving

  1. There is a watch company that let’s you upload a design of your choice for the watch face. Anyway, someone made Bond’s watch from GoldenEye 64 and I’ve wanted to order one forever. Can’t find the site any more either 😦

    I love the Marty McFly kicks though! xD

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  2. A while back there was a post on reddit by a guy who found a watch company that would let you upload a custom image or design for the watch face. Can’t find it any more but the guy who posted it made Bond’s watch from GoldenEye 64. I wanted one so bad but didn’t have the money at the time. Kicking myself now…

    Love the Marty McFly kicks though! xD


  3. The Back to the Future Nike shoes are awesome. I often wish that Nintendo had their own stores. I’m not sure if they exist, but not around here. Or at least, I wish they had more merchandise available in stores like Walmart. I’d rather buy a Princess Peach doll for my daughter than a Disney Princess, and she would love to have one.

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