Merchandise Monday #30

This is a model diorama of the Apollo 11 landing! I love all things space/astronomy so i couldn’t ignore this:

Apollo 11 Landing

Apollo 11 Landing

My brother builds WWII dioramas; and a lot of work goes into making a scene look authentic (building, painting and proportions of other objects in scene etc.):

Aerial View

Aerial View

I really want to do a full space scene transition. Like a diorama of the Cape Canaveral launch site; then moving onto a shuttle in space with an astronaut doing a space walk; and lastly a proper version on the moon landing scene:

Apollo 11

Apollo 11

Does anyone else build model dioramas/landscapes? Share your projects with us 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #30

  1. Relevant to your topic, if not exactly your post… I’m an Apollo 13 man myself. In fact, I believe I’m responsible for their mission problems. You see, they were originally scheduled to come back earlier… but I was not born yet. I was a nearly 10-month baby not born until April 17th, 1970… so they had to wait for me before they could come back!

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