3 Little Pig Parody

Which bricks would you use to build a wolf proof house:

Lego Bricks:

The yield strength (the amount of weight a material can take) of a plastic lego 2 x 2 brick is 950 pounds. If you manage your spread of bricks correctly it might yield more. Impressive:

Lego Bricks

Lego Bricks

Mine Craft Bricks:

Smelt some clay and build a brick! Brick blocks are crafted or built in a furnace with Minecraft. This may be the closest we get to a real life brick (from the other choices). But is it the best choice to build a wolf proof house?:

Minecraft Bricks

Minecraft Bricks

Super Mario Bricks:

These bricks come in clusters known as brick blocks. They are usually only damaged if hit from beneath; so if your house is on the ground and not floating in the sky; you should be wolf proof:

Super Mario Bricks

Super Mario Bricks















Which would you choose to go wolf-proof?

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