Hungry for Animation

I am sure we are all hungry for animation in the figurative sense (i simply believe that the household life-cycle is 1st childhood, 2nd childhood etc) i’m on my 3rd childhood now; and am hungry for animation in both the literal and figurative sense. Check out these handmade pancakes, testament to some cool animated characters:

1. Pikachu 









2. Emmet












3. Olaf












4. Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head










Which animated character would you like to see as pancake art?

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13 thoughts on “Hungry for Animation

  1. Those all look good… good enough to eat! 🙂

    I used to make mashed potato art sometimes… I never made pancake art. Seems like it would be easy to make good looking South Park characters from pancakes so I might do that.

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  2. Why just pancakes? The Hulk green eggs and ham action plate, Spiderman pasta pastiche (with spaghetti strings passing for those spider silks), Bart Simpson marshmallow peeps (just in time for Easter), or Spock commemorative chocolate gelt coins.


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