Slice of Games

Slice of Games is a community focused website that helps prospective video game developers learn what they didn’t know, they didn’t know. They share powerful information about the development of games. They aim for each of their articles to be actionable information that their readers can immediately put to use:

Slice of Games

Slice of Games

I think its great to have a community of support in this regard. I have Maya installed on my computer and i tried to use a walk-through YouTube tutorial to help me develop a character – what a flop… I really needed help in terms of instant two way feedback which i never got from the random YouTube video i found. Websites like Slice of Games give this needed guidance and advice on a granular level of gaming development. Follow the link below to hone your development skills through their website:

Slice of Games

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7 thoughts on “Slice of Games

  1. I teach game design and 3d Studio Max for 3d game development. I also teach Mudbox a few other things this website is great I’m going to show it to my class thank you for bringing it up in your blog!

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