Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Champions is a free game in the app store. I recommend you download it ASAP:

Thor vs Hulk

Thor vs Hulk

You basically collect your heroes/villains and use them to fight battles against other users logged in on the server, or you can follow the story-line game-play mode too:

Story Mode

Story Mode















My Wolverine totally got his butt kicked by this guy (i blame it on the fact that i was taking screenshots):

Wolverine vs Ironman

Wolverine vs Ironman

Which character would be your team leader? I was happy to have Wolverine; maybe Venom would be cool too 😎

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14 thoughts on “Marvel Contest of Champions

  1. I’ll have to check this out… not knowing what characters are available, I’ll reserve vote for my character until I take a look. Spider-Man is my favorite character, but he might not be available… and even if he is, arguably he doesn’t fare well head-to-head against Iron Man so I might have to think about it.

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  2. Hands down, Venom would be the best. The best at just about anything. Ever since I was a kid (31 now) I’ve been obsessed with the character – my favorite Hero/ Anti-hero. I hear Eddie Brock isn’t Venom anymore…. I haven’t followed comics closely in years. If so it’s a damn shame; one doesn’t often find a Villian/ Hero/ Everything Inbetween with the depth of character (and badassedness) very often.

    Cheers! Alex.

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