Our Oceans resemble Outer Space

Julie Gautier has directed a video called ‘Ocean Gravity’ which showcases her husband – and free diver – Guillaume Nery riding a rip current in French Polynesia’s famed Tiputa Pass:

Ocean Gravity

Ocean Gravity

Nery does not make use of any oxygen or diving equipment in the video. The rip current shows him being dragged over what seems to be a cold, lifeless, rocky planet. It is very dark and eerie, which is intentional.

Oceans resemble Outer Space

Oceans resemble Outer Space

See the full video here! 

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4 thoughts on “Our Oceans resemble Outer Space

  1. I always thought oceans were like alien worlds, mostly because of the strange animals evolving in the deep regions with no light. But comparing it from gravity’s point of view makes sense. Nice!

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