Zelda Netflix Series

So a few weeks ago the news broke about Netflix wanting to work with Nintendo to bring one of the greatest gaming series to life on TV: The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

At this early stage not too much is known about the direction of the story line, but maybe as a fan base if we start to throw our two cents in early on; they may listen to our direction of choice…



So here is the question:

Would you guys prefer them to stay sincere to the original gaming characters and keep the authentic story line, or would you prefer some spice and innovation in the TV series with the introduction of new characters and new plot dynamics?

Let the fans be heard! 😎

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8 thoughts on “Zelda Netflix Series

  1. I’m just worried about the fact that they plan on making it a live-action series. I could see Zelda working as an animated feature (but not terribly goofy like the old Zelda cartoon) but a live action creation sounds like it’d be very difficult to pull off, especially when it comes to costume design. Remember that old “Zelda Movie” trailer put out during April Fool’s 2008? The costumes in that looked quite silly, aside from Link’s tunic.

    No matter what direction they take, I hope they stick close to the source material. Create a new story, but draw heavy inspiration from the games.

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  2. I think it should focus on a different incarnation of Link with each season, just like the games do. That might be too much, but that’s what appealed to me about the games, each has a different twist on the green clad hero. Maybe involve time travel, but that opens the door to time paradoxes… Lol I don’t really care as long as Link does cool stuff.

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