Merchandise Monday #27

Here is another Hobbit action figure: Fimbul the Hunter and Warg:

Fimbul and Warg

Fimbul and Warg

Check at the mark down/bargain i got on this one^ boom! 😎

Back of Box

Back of Box


Was anyone else a bit disappointed with the Hobbit movies? I didn’t get that same sexy feeling that i had during the Pelennor Fields scene whilst watching the final battle in the Hobbit.

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7 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #27

  1. I probably lose some cred by admitting it… but I haven’t watched any of the Hobbit movies yet. I bought the first one when it came out on Blu-ray… but actually didn’t even know all 3 had been out. That’s how far my head has been in the sand.

    Strangely, as a kid, I read the Hobbit… but never read the Rings books… but I watched all the Rings movies… so I guess there is some kind of karma in play there perhaps.

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