Body Armor

Body armor has to top the list of a bad ass cosplay outfit. Here are some characters who sport the coolest body armor:

1. Iron Man:

Need i say more? He has more than one body armor outfit, which is always great to have a selection:

Iron Man

Iron Man











2. Sauron:

Well he doesn’t necessarily have a body, but his armor is way too cool to be left off the list:

















3. TIE Fighter Pilot:

Only 10 percent of cadets in the Imperial pilot training program graduate to become one of these elite fighters:

Tie Fighter Pilot

Tie Fighter Pilot

4. Ratchet:

Our favorite Lombax is capable of upgrading his armor over time; using bolt currency:



















5. Shredder:

He’s is a master of ninjutsu; stay out of his way:



6. Gordon Freeman:

Our main man looks flashy in his HEV suit:

Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman

























I know there are plenty more heroes/villains who wear body armor; they cannot all be listed here. Tell me who your faves are?

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