Brave Surfers

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? I love swimming and sunshine, but the ocean houses some weird and dangerous creatures. Here are some terrifying creatures known to have attacked (and possibly killed) people in the water:

1. Box Jellyfish:

There are many sub-species of this jellyfish. Some are so small (pinkie sized) and colourless that they can be difficult to detect. You can die in 3 minutes from it’s sting. It induces paralysis and heart failure. Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii are just some locations where they float:

Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

2. Sharks:

The Tiger shark and Great White probably top this group. Great White’s can be found in cold or temperate waters, and the Tiger shark in temperate or tropical waters. Surfers are often mistaken to be seals; and are therefore attacked:



3. Stonefish:

You cant tread water forever; and when you put your feet down there may be a surprise waiting for you. The Stonefish is a master of camouflage; and can mostly be found in Pacific waters. It carries a neurotoxin in its dorsal fins:

Stone Fish

Stone Fish

I have been stung by ordinary blue-bottles and jellyfish along the Durban coast in South Africa. It did burn for a few hours and left red raised line marks for a few days. Anyone else been attacked/ bitten by a creature?

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