Killing Behemoths

It isn’t easy going up against an opponent many times your size, but you must be brave in the face of such adverse odds. This is how to kill behemoths properly:

1. Legolas vs. Mumakil:

Mûmakil resemble elephants, except that they are larger and have six tusks instead of two. Two are on the bottom jaw, two larger tusks are where an elephant’s would be, and there were two smaller tusks above those. They were often used in battle by the Haradrim. Legolas killed one at the battle of the Pelennor Fields (with 2 arrows); in like 30 seconds:

Legolas vs Mumakil

Legolas vs Mumakil

2. Luke Skywalker vs. AT AT:

AT ATs traverse the landscape on mechanical legs. They are used by the Old Republic and the Galactic Empire for ground assault or transport. Luke Skywalker blew one up with a grenade at the Battle of Hoth:

Luke Skywalker vs AT AT

Luke Skywalker vs AT AT

3. Rico vs. Plasma Bug:

The Plasma Bugs serve as the Bug artillery. They have the ability to fire huge, volatile globs of plasma from the rear of their abdomens at airborne or distant targets. Rico kills one with a grenade on Planet P:

Rico vs Plasma Bug

Rico vs Plasma Bug

Who killed their Behemoth opponent best? Yes; Legolas i say 😎

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8 thoughts on “Killing Behemoths

  1. Legolas, for sure. However, the logistics of the kill have always confused me. Unless there’s something special about elvish arrow making that makes them near impossible to break, I’m not sure that the arrow would be able to pierce the hide, the flesh below it, AND still get to what I would assume is the brain stem with enough force for a kill. Who knows though.

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