Happy Birthday Elvis

Today is the 80th birthday of Elvis Presley! When people ask me who my favorite singer is; it’s always Elvis and Freddie Mercury. To celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest icons of the 20th century; i dug up my dad’s old Elvis vinyl records:

Elvis Vinyl Records

Elvis Vinyl Records

I guess i could have put them under ‘merchandise Monday’, but i think they’re too cool for that 😎 . Whenever i tie my hair up/back in a bun; i always try to emulate Elvis’ hairstyle. Being a chick; my hair is a lot longer though, so i can’t perfect that ‘feathered’ fringe look:

Elvis Hair

Elvis Hair

My favorite Elvis song is Devil in Disguise. What’s yours?

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elvis

  1. Too many favorites, the most recently listened to are from 2 Elvis Christmas CD’s.

    On The King’s birthday: I can’t help being reminded on his birthday that Elvis was born with a twin brother.

    I love seeing the pic of the vinyl:). Thanks for sharing.

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