Superimpose Saturday #11

Has anyone seen the film Exodus: Gods and Kings? I haven’t yet, but i really want to. I loved the animated version of the story The Prince of Egypt:

Exodus - Gods and Kings

Exodus – Gods and Kings

A friend of mine on facebook said the animated version was far better. Anyhow, here is my brother and i on our Roman chariot:

Chariot Racing

Chariot Racing

My favorite chariot race scene is the one from Ben Hur. This is only one of 3 films to have won 11 academy awards! However, i believe that a lot of the horses actually died doing this scene, which is not cool… But because of this we have better rights and protection for animals on film sets these days 🙂

Ben Hur

Ben Hur

Tell me what you guys thought of Exodus: Gods and Kings?

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