Tech Deck Game

I have the Tech Deck game on my phone and its pretty cool. You start off in Chinatown and you have to win a tournament against 5 different skaters to unlock the next area:

Tech Deck - Chinatown

Tech Deck – Chinatown

I have currently unlocked the next area – Sunset Beach. I have to beat 1 more challenger before i can unlock the Metro area. My skater is currently on level 21:

Tech Deck - Sunset Beach

Tech Deck – Sunset Beach

In order to win tournaments and ladder challenges; you have to spend ‘cash’ on collecting new decks. New decks enhance your skills; to beat more challenging competitors. You get in-game cash by practicing your skate lines in a chosen area; and beating that line’s pre-determined score. I have currently collected 44/144 Tech Decks:

Tech Decks

Tech Decks

Tech Deck is free in the app store. What is your favorite Tech Deck/skate brand? I like Darkstar.

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