Silence of the Lambs – Bite Masks

Silence of the Lambs won academy awards for all of the major categories in 1991. The sinister mask that Anthony Hopkins wears in the film was not easily chosen:

Anthony Hopkins - Dr Hannibal Lecter

Anthony Hopkins – Dr Hannibal Lecter

Here is Sir Anthony screen testing a few of the short listed masks for the film:

Mask 1:

Mask 1

Mask 1

Mask 2:

Mask 2

Mask 2

Mask 3:

Mask 3

Mask 3

Mask 4:

Mask 4

Mask 4

Mask 5:

Mask 5

Mask 5

I love Silence of the Lambs (and not only because i have a crush on Jodie Foster), but because the horror in this film was real. Buffalo Bill could be living next door to any one of us – that makes the fear real (not like supernatural horrors). Also; seeing a female in a physical lead role and being the hero is really awesome; i think we need more ambitious badass ‘real life’ female heroes.

Who is your celebrity crush?

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5 thoughts on “Silence of the Lambs – Bite Masks

  1. I think the last one is the best. Others look very metalic and helmetish. Like weapons for your head. I’ve seen the prison spit masks and they’re just laughably silly. White mesh sacks with 2 holes instead of 1. Like a mesh miniskirt for your face.

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