Merchandise Monday #20

Here are some of the new Pokemon card decks and tins i received:

Pokemon Card Decks and Tins

Pokemon Card Decks and Tins

I got the 2014 Kalos Power Ex Collectible Tin – Delphox; and the XY Furious Fists theme deck – Pangoro.

Booster Packs

Booster Packs

I got a few shiny/foil and uncommon cards; and hardly any repeats which is great 🙂

Pokemon Playing Cards

Pokemon Playing Cards

However, the cherry on top was getting an ultra rare full art gold Reshiram holo. This card was in the first booster pack i opened! How lucky! I felt like Charlie when he got his golden ticket in the chocolate Wonka bar 😎

Rare Pokemon Card

Rare Pokemon Card

If you look at the bottom right corner of the Reshiram card you will see it is number 114/113. As soon as the card number exceeds the number of cards for that set then you know it is rare. Also, you will see a hexagon-like symbol next to this number. Every card has a symbol, which also helps to classify the cards rarity. Depending on how mint this card it; it can cost you anywhere between $20 – $80, but its generally accepted that the card is worth $50.00.

Pokemon Card Collector





Do you have any rare Pokemon cards? Which is your favorite card?

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2 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #20

  1. I haven’t bought Pokémon cards in many years, but my rarest/favorite is a Dark Raichu (83/82), I was so excited after opening it. That fancy Reshiram is something else though, it feels like it should be stored in a vault.

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  2. i haven’t had pokemon cards since gen 1.

    when I moved I threw most away (by mistake) but didn’t think much of it. Part of the bunch that went to the trash was a mint holographic charizard. When I saw the articles about them selling for 100s-1000s of dollars I threw my room apart hoping to find it. That’s when I realized it was gone 😥

    After that I did some research and found out I also had a few $10-50 cards (I kept all in mint condition) in that bunch too XD

    Thinking they would be more valuable, I still have all my Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

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