Merchandise Monday #19

This merchandise Monday is celebrating some Summer heat with the Balrog – Demon of Shadow and Flame Statue:



Rivalling Erebor in its prime, the great Dwarf city of Dwarrowdelf was a celebration of the wealth and power of Durin’s folk. But, as it would come to be understood in aftertimes, the Longbeards delved too greedily and too deep…

Balrog Back

Balrog Back

Far beneath the ground, tunneling for Mithril in sunless black rock, the Dwarves disturbed something that had remained safely entombed since ages past, a being of unfathomable terror, relic of a time of gods and giants, a creature of which like should never walked again in Middle-earth and for whom there were few equals remaining in the world, a Balrog of Morgoth. A demon composed of shadow and flame, the Balrog could be harmed by no blade or device of Dwarf design. By the hundreds, Durin’s people and the Dwarf King himself fell before the beast, after named Durin’s Bane.

As you know; our boy Gandalf took the Belrog down. Who is your favorite evil creature/person from Middle Earth? I like Carcharoth 😎

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4 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #19

  1. My favorite villains are the Nine Riders. When I first read the trilogy at age 14 many years ago, there were no Peter Jackson movies and almost zero cultural literacy out there to spoil a lot of the surprises in the story. I loved how their menace builds in TFOTR: first there is only one, then two, then three, then Strider gives a big reveal, and then there are five at Weathertop, then all nine at Rivendell. So deliciously evil.

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