The Walking Dead

Is everyone enjoying season 5 of The Walking Dead? Out of curiosity; i was wondering which platform of the Walking Dead is most enjoyable (TV series; comic book or video game). Please take the poll:

The Walking Dead series-game-comic

The Walking Dead series-game-comic

Also; who is your favorite character from the Walking Dead? I would choose Daryl Dixon. Although i’m thinking of doing a fan art Friday for Rick Grimes.

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5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. I am, I think it’s a big improvement over last season. Was actually shocked last episode when they focused on more than one group of characters!

    I picked the game in the poll. I played the two seasons recently and they were so intense. I do like the tv series and the comics but I think both have their flaws. The tv show I find myself really liking one week and then growing bored of it the next.

    As for favourite characters, out of the games Kenny, Clementine and Lee. For the tv show and comics I like Daryl, Abraham and Carl. I really like how Carol has developed in the show as well.

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  2. I gotta say that my favourite character is still Daryl -he’s Rick’s right hand! but Beth has been making a comeback since her emo phase/campfire sing-alongs days

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