Real Life Zombies

You have to buy the November issue of the National Geographic! There’s a huge article in there about real life zombies!

National Geographic

National Geographic

I bought it; and its really insightful. Although it will probably make your skin crawl. The article touches on various parasites and viruses/bacteria that attack the neurological processes in their victims’ brains; and how they manipulate their host’s thinking to ensure their own growth and survival.

Real Life Zombies

Real Life Zombies

There are a few comic book style stories amidst the article; to illustrate scenarios of how these real life zombies are at work all around us. Do you think our brains are being manipulated by one of these organisms? Are we really in control?

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5 thoughts on “Real Life Zombies

  1. Sounds like a great article! I’ll have to check it out. So much of my writing stems from this theme: thinking we are in control when we are being manipulated… or, worse, pretending we are out of control when we are doing what we want all along. Either way, I’m sure the science behind this will stir up some interesting ideas!

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