Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here! According to search results; here are the top five costumes for this year’s Halloween:

1. Frozen:

Disney’s Elsa has snagged the top spot. I guess this outfit would be appropriate in the Northern hemisphere where Winter is on the way:



2. Zombie:

No surprises here… The zombie wave of obsession continues to plague the world. I’m not complaining; you know i love the undead:














3. Ninja:

For those of you who wish to be stealthy, and be a shadow in the night in getting to all of the candy before your friends; then this one is for you:












4. Pirate:

There’s no law and order on a night like this; time to pillage from your friend’s sweet stash! Just kidding 😉 but we’ve all done it:














5. Clown:

If you prefer tricks over treats; then you’re a clown. Clown magicians are fun! As long as you don’t turn out like the clown from Poltergeist:



If you could dress up as any character on Halloween, who would you choose?

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11 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes

  1. luckily they don’t really trick or treat here or dress up or we may get complaints from neighbours for scaring the children too much 😕


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