Superhero Movie Schedule

The Warner Bros. announcement on Wednesday of ten upcoming movies based on DC Comics properties neatly fills in a calendar of dates that the studio previously provided — and helped flesh out an extraordinary timetable of DC and Marvel superhero movies over the next six years from Warner Bros, Marvel Studios, Fox, and Sony Columbia.

Here is the infographic schedule:

Superhero Movie Schedule

Superhero Movie Schedule

Which up and coming superhero movie are you looking the most forward to seeing?

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5 thoughts on “Superhero Movie Schedule

  1. hello nerd nebula its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez he is still wayting for the dazzler dokyoomentry to come owt frum marvel stoodios!!! hay dada i am pritty shoor that yoo ar the only persun in the wurld hoo is wayting for that wun!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ok bye


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