Merchandise Monday #14

Winter is coming (for those of you in the Northern hemisphere). This merchandise Monday goes out to Jon Snow!

Jon Snow

Jon Snow

My brother bought me this officially licensed HBO action figure. I love the Starks; they’re my favorite house in Game of Thrones. If Jon Snow or Arya Stark dies; i will threaten to boycott the show (but i actually wont – i love it and it’s too addictive). The rest of the figures available in this series can be seen on the back of the box:

Action Figures in the Series

Action Figures in the Series

You cannot see it in the above images, but there is actually a ’17+’ age restriction on this action figure. With that in mind; here is an image of the base of the box:

Base of Box

Base of Box

Don’t worry; i will not remove him from the box πŸ™‚

Would you ever be brave enough to go North of The Wall? Who is your favorite character?

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